Try, Cook, Taste...!

“We try to install traditional flavours in the palate of today with sincerity, rigor, imagination and cosmopolitan aesthetics. We want to increase the delight of the culinary experience, to enjoy more with the best, to renew the desires and engage all the senses – and in every sense –, the pleasure of eating well... “


Behind every dish and every event that Bokado Group carries out, there is a complete process of research and innovation that is headquartered in the kitchen of our farmhouse in Hondarribia.


On these hobs, our R&D specialists reinvent themselves and continuously try new things, both on a culinary level and in the adaptation of our essence to new spaces and infrastructures. The raison d’être of this creation centre is to adapt Bokado expertise in pintxos and San Sebastian culture to a more informal, cosmopolitan and avant-garde style, which, when the time comes, can be extrapolated to anywhere in the world.

Our Cuisine

Basque cuisine + Simple + Aesthetic + Traditional + Contemporary + Creative + Product + Honest + Natural + Vanguard + Sophisticated + Technical + Accessible + Daring + Friendly + Balanced + Seasonal + Market + Easy + Global + Fresh + Evolution + Traditional roots + Respectful