THE GROUP has specialized in the management and carrying out of all kinds of events, weddings and restaurants within a high-end alternative cuisine, making spaces available for the celebration of these events.

Catering / Events

Constant research and experimentation of new production techniques, and mastery of logistics have allowed for diversification and globalization.

Bokado Weddings

We make available our own spaces to clients, as well as potential rental spaces, in addition to our experience in cuisine and event logistics for weddings and other celebrations.

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Events & Catering

Bokado handles the catering of all kinds of events, from a company coffee to special events, conferences and all kinds of private celebrations. We make available various spaces to hold them, among them Victoria Eugenia, Museo San Telmo, Balenciaga, Palacio Miramar, and Restaurante Mikel Santamaría .

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Take away

The pace of life in society has accelerated significantly in recent times. This has meant that we often have to go on without a quality kitchen and food for lack of time.

Faced with this situation, this area came about, with the goal of providing society with traditional quality in a format that adapts to the rhythm and needs of each customer. This is how Bokados Takeout, Bokados para Llevar about.

Bokados para llevar

In addition to the restaurants and usual catering service, we offer Bokados Takeout. Perfect for more informal events and celebrations, where our clients can enjoy the convenience of ordering for delivery, and including wait staff for parties if they like. Through online sales you can quickly order pintxos served at Bokado San Telmo and also those found at the best bars in San Sebastian. This is a new, fast, economical and simple way of organising events, and is designed so that the customer can order pintxos at home, so you just worry about enjoying your celebration.

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Because of our experience and the gastronomic quality of our cuisine, the AQUARIUM  and the Hotel Zenit Convento de San Martín of Donostia have entrusted us with the management of all their hospitality services.

Bokado Mikel Santamaría

From its perfect location at the base of Mount Urgull, and above the Aquarium, the cook and head chef, Mikel Santamaría, has been working for ten years in an up-to-date cuisine market, the result of a combination of local and seasonal produce with more cosmopolitan products. Bokado Mikel Santamaría is not only a delight to the palate, but also to behold, as it offers one of the best views of the entire city.

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Sukaldean Aitor Santamaria

Un espacio interactivo, donde la cocina en miniatura, la tradición y la innovación en el plato o el euskal-sushi, como alternativa y primicia; la fantasía coctelera, el pintxo clásico o de autor y la sorpresa escénica, garantizan un recreo gastronómico y ambiental al gusto de todos.

Comprometida con la sostenibilidad y el medio ambiente, somos de hacer y nuestra despensa de producto inmediato y respeto al productor, está al servicio de elaboraciones sencillas en formatos culinarios consecuentes con la demanda, muy atenta a las diversas apetencias de cada temporada, además de renovadora y audaz.

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