Enjoying cuisine
for over 20 years

BOKADO is a company who has spent its life focused on haute cuisine.

Created in San Sebastian (1996), a city where we are all aware of the importance and transcendence of cuisine, this project's managers are pioneers and determined drivers behind miniature cuisine.

The GROUP specializes in managing and carrying out all kinds of events, weddings and restaurants in an alternative haute cuisine, with its own spaces and as well as rented spaces to hold these kinds of events.

A well-established logistical department and a constant belief in a decided r+d+i policy means that we can face the most demanding and avant-garde challenges, making permanent improvement the core tool behind our company philosophy.


Event and catering service with high-quality cuisine.

Our cuisine

"Basque cuisine, as always, current, modern but with substance. Dynamic and balanced, to enjoy more and better...and above all, honest, with soul."

Areas of business

Since its inception, the Bokado Group has constantly evolved and adapted to the new market requirements. Their presence in different areas is one of the keys to their success, thus, today Bokado is much more than a catering company; Bokado  is Mikel Santamaría, it is Sukaldean Aitor Santamaria, it is Arzak Bokados, it is events and also Fast+Good. These areas are proof of a company that reinvents itself every day to offer its very best to each customer.

The team

Jesus Santamaria from the presidency, Joseba Arriaga from the Directorate General and Mikel Santamaría as Head Chef and Head of the Department of R & D, lead and set the tone of this project, surrounded by a team that works, thinks and feels about cuisine in a special way.